Captain America: Civil War Display



Behold the Captain America: Civil War display.
Backstory: In February, I decided I wanted to promote graphic novels, while gearing up for Marvel Studios upcoming film Captain America: Civil War. I had the idea due to my love for these films and the graphic novels.
My coworker and I brainstormed the best ways to make this display interactive, pleasing the eye and just awesome.
We found a background image we agreed on. I wanted to blow it up and have it serve as the background but it just would not come out good enough, so I took the picture to CVS Pharmacy and had it made into a poster.
Erica (my coworker) found character pictures, printed them out and laminated them. We cut them out.
I worked on character fun facts. We came up with an interactive voting system. We took popsicle sticks, colored them blue (Team Cap) and red (Team Iron Man) and set them out with little paper boats that Erica made so people could vote for their team.
We also made sure to have reading/films material available (only Marvel graphic novels with the characters from the film IE: Captain America, Iron Man, SpiderMan, Black Panther etc).
It was very popular. Our materials moved constantly and it was so popular that our boss (Circulation manager) opted to have our display go through the month of June.
It was a rewarding experience to see our hard work be so popular that it expanded past our chosen month. I still have the poster of course and the film was brilliant.

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